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Dating back to 6500 BC, the Indian civilizations also boast of one of the oldest musical traditions and heritages in the world - finding the earliest mentions in the Vedas or the ancient scripts as ‘sangeet’. As time passed, music and musical instruments kept evolving to include elements and knowledge from other civilizations and cultures. Today, a home to diverse styles and a teeming collection of unique, melodious instruments, India has a strong and inextricable relationship with music.

With technology increasingly taking over our lives, we also witness a depletion of interest for the rich, handcrafted musical heritage of the country. What used to be a mellifluous coming together of unique, versatile instruments flooding the room with life, is now a mere electronic reproduction fighting its way out of your heartbreakingly miniscule phone speaker. The legacies and intricacies of the knowledge accumulated and evolved over the course of history is now slowly being lost to the coming generations of the country – most of whom do not even have the awareness of what they are missing out on.

Runzun, the flagship project of Laughing Water Productions*, is an initiative aimed at breathing fresh life into the fading legacies of traditional Indian music for the benefit of the children of today. It brings music to their everyday lives; plugging into their routines with creative, engaging concepts. Scientifically designed interactive activities in a series of strategically organized modules simplify the various nuances of the art and serve the knowledge in the form of bite-sized, palatable experiences that evoke curiosity and interest for the art forms.

We work with an extensive network of musicians, teachers, artistes, brand managers, communication planners and experience managers to create innovative music experiences that inspire students to explore the world of music with the same sense of awe and curiosity as did the generations before them. Some of the experiences include music museums, storytelling workshops, music masterclasses and interactive rhythm circles. Interested students are hand held to enroll for continuous training modules in partnership with music academies and artists. Working with the best music schools around Bangalore, our initiative to bring our heritage to the future citizens of tomorrow is extremely close to our hearts.

Laughing Water Productions is a coming together of passionate musicians, artisans, brands, event managers and art lovers to preserve, revive, and promote old and new art practices of India. The founders of LWP come with over 50 years of experience in the fields of event, artist and brand management. It is the convergence of these three outlooks that makes us what we are –

“ creators of unconventional musical experiences ”