About Us

Gone are the days when it was a safe bet to hire the same contemporary dance troop, the same band, the same DJ for events, year after year. With consumers today increasingly on the lookout for original and authentic experiences, the need for fresh entertainment has seen a steep spike.

Laughing Water Productions is born out of deep love and respect for authentic Indian art and music that has been echoing all over India's vast lands since centuries. As a venture, we are dedicated to promoting all forms of Indian music across the nation and worldwide. We are working with the vision of preserving, reviving and promoting the art and culture of India.

We work closely with Indian artists who are masters of their art form. Our artist repertoire consists of Carnatic singers, Carnatic instrumentalists, Hindustani singers, Hindustani instrumentalists, folk singers and dancers, classical dancers, Indie-folk bands, collaborative bands and more. We also provide end-to-end event solutions and production support.

The founders of Bon Eventus come with over 30 years of experience in the fields of event management, artist management, and brand management. Our team will help you choose the best decor and special effects to fully complete your theme and create a memorable experience at the best rate. Our USP lies in our exclusive access to performers, innovate ideas and impeccable production quality that has always held us in good stead with our esteemed clients. Our heart follows what the brief demands as long as it has the right edge to it. Depending on the need of the concept we go all out in sourcing the mechanism.

It is the convergence of these outlooks that makes us what we are –

“ creators of unconventional musical experiences ”